LoneWolf Dogwear Makers of quality custom-made dog coats, rain coats, blaze orange vests, camouflage jackets, therapy, service, and search and rescue gear for dogs.
Quality, comfort, and variety of colors in our Dogwear are the trademark of our company.
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  All products are custom made in the USA!  

A few comments from our customers:

Julie C.Terry - hi! Just wanted to follow up on the Gorgeous dog coat. Timing was perfect as it snowed here the day after the coat arrived. My husband went for a walk with the neighbor (dog's owner) and reported that it fit Sam well and when he checked under the coat, Sam was toasty warm. It looks great on him and I was particularly impressed with how well made the coat is. If it came in a human version I'd buy one for myself immediately. Thank you so much for a great product & superb customer service.
Stu G. I have to thank you for the coat and hood.Winston Loves them. They fit perfectly and he looks great.It's so refreshing to receive a product that is PERFECT. As advertised out of the box and made with great care.

Emily S. Thank you. The coat is beautiful. He even likes the fleece hood. I'm giving your card to my dog walker to spread the word.

Pat P. Terry, thank you so much for the wonderful coats for our dog.The fit is perfect as is the quality.

Terri T. OMG, The vest for Butters fits perfect! Thank you.

Tim H. We wanted to tell you how much we love the safety vests. They fit great and the dogs are strutting with their new duds!

Bill P. Nessie's safety vest is perfect! Thank you.

Susan L. Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Volko's garment. Fit is wonderful and workmanship is superb.

Cathy W. You have great customer service in addition to great products. Cicso's vest fits perfectly and looks great on him.You did an awesome job!

Rachel A. I couldnít be happier with the Italian Greyhound coat you made for me. It fits perfectly. Iíve recommend you to my friend.

Marv B. I'm delighted with the coat, so is Maggie. It fits her perfectly and you did a great job.

Jeff R. Nice job! You did a beautiful job of making a custom coat for our unique dog, without ever having been in the same room with him. I'm delighted with the design and quality of the coat. Thank you.

Jane A. †The coats are fabulous! They are made so beautifully and carefully. I have shown them to everyone I know. Thanks.

Ron T. Reiss is doing much better now that she has been usingthe vest you designed for her to protect her from the sun. My Vet liked your work.† And I would like to order two more vests. Thanks for the help.

Jennifer B. Terry made two custom Polartec and Thinsulate lined coats to my dogs' exact measurements.† The coats fit beautifully and are the best I've seen -†they remind me of of high quality winter outwear for people.† The workmanship and materials are outstanding and the price is very fair.† I'd recommend LoneWolf Dogwear to anyone looking for durable and attractive coats and boots for their dogs.

Claude E. I called and asked if she would make a coat for a goat. That he was getting older and the cold was bothering him. She said it didn't matter that it wasn't a dog. The coat was made up and my goat stayed warm.

Jennifer H. Nina loves her new coat. She preens and prances. The wind is strong today and it's cold, so we received it at just the right time. Your work is beautiful and we're all thrilled. Thanks again.

Suzanne B. Thank you very much for the prompt service. The coat fits my Whippet perfectly. I am going to give your name to some friends of mine.

April F. I† just received the coat and it looks great. I'll be passing your name on to a friend of my who has two Whippets and is looking for a good coat.

Susanne D. I received your coat and boots today at work. It was the topic of discussion,everyone was impressed with the craftmanship and the quality of the materials. It was beyond my expectations and I plan to give your name to some other people who have Greyhounds.

Karen M. Received the blaze orange vest and itís great. Thanks for the excellent, made in USA product.

Darlene T. Coats fit perfectly.Easy to slip on and buckle up. The best design and price is very fair. Thank you for your expertise.

Rachel A. I couldnít be happier with the coat for my It Greyhound. It fits perfectly.Iíve recommended you to my friend.

Emily J. Coat arrived and weíre happy with it.You did a lovely job.

Jenny M. Assistance jacket is a Godsend. thanks so much. Jacket is Such a good fit.

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